Handling Robots

Handling Robots
Raising the dynamics of the robot for more output.

The robot drives 12 cycles/min with a traverse path of 6.5 m and a power consumption of 10.7 kW.


Fast cycles and big masses lead to excessive stress of the electric drive unit and thus to unplanned outages.


Raising the dynamics of the robot and thus achieving higher cycle rates with reduced energy consumption.


The „Plug & Play“ solution PxtFX stabilizes the DC link by storing brake energy and feeding it back in when needed. 2 PxtFX in parallel for the linear travel axis and 1 PxtFX for the robot axis is all one needs.


Increasing productivity

Increasing cycles from 12 to 15/min - raise in productivity by 25%

Increasing energy efficiency

Lowering the power consumption to 8 kW: energy savings of more than 25%

Recovering brake energy

The braking energy is stored and fed back into the system as required

Further Advantages