Textile Machine

Textile Machine
Textile Machine

Controlled stops in case of a power failure


Multiple drives are connected to one DC link 


In case of a power failure and thus reduction in speed to <10% the machines stop uncontrollably, leading to yarn breaking and -clewing. Restarting the machines can take hours, thus high downtime costs occur. Especially in production countries with instable grid power, power failures occur multiple times a day, so there this is an enormous problem.


Controlled stops in case of power failure thus thus avoiding long downtimes and high setup- and downtime costs as well as protecting the machine and saving material.

Solution Textile machine

In the event of a power failure, the active energy management device PxtFX supplies the drives of the textile machine with the energy required for the controlled stop without time delay.


The "Plug & Play" solution PxtFX supplies the drives with the energy required for a controlled stop without time delay in the event of a power failure.

24 Volt Emergency Power Supply NEV

The NEV supplies the 24 V power grind for control and sensorics


Controlled stops in case of a power failure

The textile machine comes to a controlled stop

Compensate voltage dips

Voltage dips are compensated, the machine runs smoothly

Bridging power failures

Short-term mains interruptions are bridged

Further Advantages

  • Breaking and clewing yarn is avoided – tremendous time savings when restarting

  • Machine protection and material savings