Wire-winding Machine

Wire-winding Machine
Wire-winding Machine

Securing controlled stops in case of power failures.


Occurring voltage fluctuation or failure of the mains during the drawing process of the wires.


The instability of the mains leads to an uncontrolled stop of the machine causing an unintended demolition of the wire. Restarting the machines can take hours which creates high downtime costs.


Securing controlled stops in case of main power failures to avoid wire demolition and downtime costs.

Solution Wire-winding Machine

In the event of a power failure, four active energy management devices Pxt-FXs connected in parallel supply the drives with the energy needed for a controlled stop.



The active energy management device PxtFX supplies the drive with the necessary energy to come to a controlled stop, in the event of a power failure.

24 Volt Emergency Power Supply NEV

Use of the 24 Volt Emergency Power Supply NEV to supply the 24 V network for control & sensorics.


Controlled stops

Stop the machine in a controlled manner in case of power failure

Bridging power failures

Short power interruptions can be bridged

Compensating voltage dips

Voltage dips are compensated, the machines runs smoothly

Further Advantages

  • Wire demolition is avoided

  • Fast restarting of the machine, machine protection, material savings, minimized downtime costs