CNC-Wood Working Machine

CNC-Wood Working Machine
CNC-Wood Working Machine

The braking energy has to be managed safely and quickly.


A CNC-Wood Working Machine creates brake energy when changing tools and also during the working process.


Wood dust in combination with hot surfaces is a potential risk for fires. Brake resistors create heat when managing brake energy.


The brake energy has to be managed safely and quickly with an external brake resistor. Furthermore, safety standards require that the wood dust must not touch the heated brake resistor.

Brake resistor combination BWK0.7005-600T

Our safe resistor combination BWK0.7005-600T (720 Watt / 15 Ohm) consists of brake resistor modules in high protection class IP65. Additionally wired in an IP65-terminal box and integrated in a metal case.


The resistor combination with 720 Watt and 15 Ohm reduces the braking energy safely and quickly.


Managing brake energy

The braking energy is safely and quickly managed by a safe brake resistor combination.

Further Advantages

  • The brake energy is handled safely and quickly

  • The high protection class of the safe resistors in combination with the terminal box and housing in the metal case delivers additional safety and reduces the risk of fire