24 Volt Emergency Power Supply NEV

Accessories for active energy management devices
24 Volt Emergency Power Supply NEV

I need english.... Die NEV dient zur netzunabhängigen Versorgung eines 24 V-Gleichstromkreises mit elektrischer Spannung.


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Technical specifications
Input voltage (terminal X2) 22 26 (VDC)
Rated current 6A ((up to 150VA) for failure operation)
Rated current 5A ((up to 120VA) for mains operation)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 275 [mm] 90 [mm] 60 [mm]
Weight ca. 1 [kg]

In the event of major voltage fluctuations or power failure, the 24 Volt emergency power supply, or NEV for short, supplies its secured 24 Volt circuit with power. How long it can do this depends primarily on the load and the energy available from the supply unit of the energy management device Pxt. Also the settings of the supply unit have an influence on the duration of the supply of electrical energy.

However, the NEV is not designed for continuous operation. The power supply that provides the continuous supply is normally connected as a power source to the NEV. The consumers on the circuit to be secured are connected to the NEV. This is automatically used to teach The NEV about the externally connected voltage and thus to support the voltage level.

The 24 Volt Emergency Supply NEV is used to supply the 24 V DC link with mains independent electrical voltage. For this purpose, the NEV makes use of the energy of a supply unit, namely the dynamic energy management device Pxt.