PxtMX - current-based mains load peak reduction via Plug&Play
Current-based peak load reduction
Powerful module for the Pxt active energy management devices for current-based mains load peak reduction


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Michael Koch GmbH
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Communication see data sheet at downloads
Voltage supply 24 VDC +/- 15% Voltage supply
Ambient temperature for operation 0° bis +40° [°C]
Dimensions (H x W x D) 98 I 96 I 42 [mm]
Weight ca. 0,120 [kg]
Plug-on communication module
EtherCAT (optional)
EPS - automatic mains load peak limitation (optional)
The PxtMX is a modular expandable adapter board, which is located in its own housing and can be easily plugged onto a Pxt device housing. In addition to its hardware-bound basic functions, for example digital I/O interface, the module has a higher-level function whose aim and purpose is to connect the devices of modular active energy management working together as a group, to simplify communication and to adapt them to application requirements in a targeted manner. The PxtMX thus creates a system image and then automatically takes over the handling and pre-control of the individual connected Pxt devices. This makes addressing the devices in the compound very simple, since it is not necessary to contact each PxtFX or PxtRX device individually. The PxtMX acts as a gateway of the system and connects a PLC via fieldbus to the Pxt system-internal K-bus.
The central feature of the PxtMX is peak load reduction via Plug&Play. In conjunction with an active energy management device, the module makes it possible to reduce the mains current consumption in cyclic applications almost to the level of the required average effective current without any further intervention. The overall system is thus based directly on the variable current, and the module is controlled as a function of an effective current value between the supply network and the DC link of the drive. The basis for determining the effective current value is again the measurement of the input mains current of the drive system.

Video on PxtMX by Michael Koch GmbH:

Video zum PxtMX für die strombasierte Lastspitzenreduktion