The active energy management devices with external storage PxtRX from Michael Koch GmbH.
Active Energy Management Devices with external storage

The PxtRX is predestined for applications in conjunction with higher energy density storage devices, such as double layer capacitors or batteries.


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Technical specifications
Max. Operating voltage UZmax (UL) 848 [VDC]
Max. Operating voltage UZmax (IEC) 1.000 [VDC]
Max. Peak power Pmax (at Uc = 800 VDC) 48 [kW] (peak 45s at a cycle time of 180s)
Max. Continuous output Pmax (at Uc = 800 VDC) 24 [kW] (continuous)
Max. Current storage peak IC 60 [A] (peak for 45s at a cycle time of 180s)
Max. Current storage continuous Ic 30 [A] (continuous)
Max. Voltage storage Ucmax 800 [VDC]
Min. starting voltage for the system (DC link or storage) ca. 45 [VDC]
Min. Operating voltage Uzmin 180 [VDC] (Wake-Up-Phase: Uzstart 48-180 VDC)
Operating frequency 15 [kHz]
Operating frequency 7,5 [kHz] (down to in operation load-dependent reduction)
Operating frequency 18 [kHz] (Manually adjustable)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 380 [mm] 105 [mm] 217 [mm]
Weight ca. 10 [kg]

The PxtRX is sized for a current load capacity of 30 A duration and 60 A peak for 45 seconds. In combination with a high storage voltage of up to 800 Volt DC, the device is able to generate a power of almost 50 kilowatts.

If this power is not sufficient for your application, several PxtRX devices, like the PxtFX devices, can be connected in parallel. Depending on the application, active energy management systems can thus be created that fill large control cabinets. We offer ready-to-connect complete systems in control cabinets under the type designation KTS.

These include active energy management devices of the Pxt family, application-specific storage units, the appropriate fuses, cabling and, depending on the storage units used, passive or active dischargers. One feature is particularly helpful for the PxtRX in such KTS control cabinet solutions: It also works trouble-free with cable lengths to the DC link of up to 20 meters.

The PxtRX is the big brother of the PxtFX and is suitable for any application in connection with higher energy density storage units such as double layer capacitors or batteries.

The applications are manifold, the devices provide benefits through a single feature or through the combination of two or more features. The first thing that comes to mind is the recuperation of the machine's braking energy, which increases energy efficiency.

Often, however, other benefits play a greater role than increasing energy efficiency, such as the compensation of so-called brownouts, safe and defined standstill during blackouts, the possible acceleration of production processes with output increases of up to 50 percent, the reduction of network load peaks or even the operation of the electric drive independently of the power grid.

Video about the active energy management devices PxtRX of Michael Koch GmbH:

Video on active energy management devices PxtRX