Peak load reduction

Computer&Automation, the renowned trade magazine, has picked up our new product PxtMX for peak load reduction as a cover story in their current issue. As a connecting part between electric drive and storage unit, our active energy management system regulates the energy balance of the drive system. The small plug-on module PxtMX enables quick and easy peak load reduction via Plug&Play. Find out how in the article.

Active energy manager protects man and machine in case of power failure

The trade magazine IEE features an exciting article about our PxtRX active energy management devices in use with plastic smoothing rolls. In the event of a power failure, our PxtRX active energy management devices ensure that neither man nor machine are harmed. Or to put it another way. Thanks to our Pxt devices, production runs like clockwork.

PxtRX - Energy management for electric drives

Published in the trade journal etz in October 2020. Topic: The exact right amount of energy for each situation of an electric drive in a machine or plant increases efficiency, protects the application and conserves the infrastructure. This situation is achieved through the use of storage units, which are connected directly to the frequency inverter or servocontroller between the mains and the motor, absorb excess energy or cover energy requirements. The management required for this is handled by an active electronic device.

Active energy manager

In the 5/2020 issue of the well-known German trade journal Konstruktion & Entwicklung (Design Magazine) you will find an article about our "Active Energy Managers".

It's an interesting article about our new active energy management device family Pxt for electric drives and their many advantages.

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