Active energy management devices and safe braking resistors for electric drive technology

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Managing braking energy

Braking energy can be managed in a fast and direct way due to safe brake resistors. It can also be buffered in active energy management devices.

Increasing productivity

Active energy expansion of the DC link gives the drive more room for braking and acceleration cycles. 

Bridging power failures

Short-term power failures are bridged by the energy stored for this case in the active energy management systems without the machine noticing anything.

Compensating voltage dips

Planned and unplanned voltage dips can be compensated with active energy management systems.

Reducing mains load peaks

Power supplies must be sized based on the peak load, even if it is rarely needed. Through active energy management devices these peaks are taken from the energy storage and the power supply is sized for the average power.

Increasing energy efficiency

Energy is saved by reusing braking energy for acceleration cycles.

Controlled stops on power failure

In the event of a power failure, the system can be brought into a controlled state without causing damage to materials or machinery. Restarting is possible without any problems.

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