Feature Days

Do you want to take the electric drive system of your machine to a new level? Then, we have the right products and solutions for you! Our safe brake resistors are well known and standard in the market for numerous applications. Our active energy management devices – Pxt – are brand new and provide many convincing features that are worth discovering for your own benefit!

Two areas are summarized under our popular FeatureDays:

1. FeatureDays digital or at our premises in the technical center in Ubstadt-Weiher, Germany:

Presentation of our beneficial products, their features and applications – including training. Personally, in small groups, under consideration of the Corona rules, one day intensive and targeted.

The focus of the FeatureDays will be on the energetic optimization possibilities of your individual application, the general benefits through the use of active energy management systems as well as on our new generation of active energy management devices Pxt (“P times t” = energy). The Pxt devices bring a variety of new technical features, which create many new possibilities. Get to know the many features for electric drives now.

At the end of the FeatureDay in our technical center, the participants are able to use our products and solutions in such a way that the competitiveness of their own machines and systems increases.

Would you like to have a FeatureDay with all the trainings at your own company? We would be pleased to come to you. Let’s talk about it. Call us at +49 7251 / 96 26 200 or e-mail us: mail@bremsenergie.de

FeatureDays online:

On our website and via social media channels including Blog: In incisive articles in text, images and videos, we provide you with helpful information about the features of our products and solutions, give tips on how to size and select the right device as well as the right use of the tools, supporting tips and a lot of background information.

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Soon we will inform you about concrete offers for our FeatureDays and when more materials is available.

You already want more information asap? Just give us a call and very soon you will be able to use the features of our products and solutions in your own machines! All in the spirit of Energizing Productivity!