Transfer car

Transfer car
Transfer car

Providing a continuous energy supply to the transfer car.


Transfer cars are used in production areas to transport goods from certain loading to unloading points. They need to be available 24/7.


At crossing points with other vehicles the energy supply to the transfer car can be interrupted.


Providing a continuous energy supply to the transfer car even at the crossing points where the mains supply is interrupted.

Solution Transfer car

The transfer car, including control system and sensorics, is supplied with sufficient energy by the active energy management solution PxtRX, even during planned supply interruptions. 


The active energy management device PxtRX supplies the transfer car continuously with the needed energy, even at the crossing points where the main supply is interrupted.

Safe Discharge Unit SDU

The Safe Discharge Unit SDU discharges the capacities at the control cabinet in case of maintenance work.


Bridging power failures

Supplying the transfer car inclusive controls and sensorics during planned supply interruptions

Compensate voltage dips

Voltage dips are compensated, the transfer car drives smoothly

Increasing productivity

Continuous production processes

Further Advantages

  • Flexible layout of the surrounded production processes

  • Intelligent energy management as the brake energy is stored and reused by the system

  • Cost savings because of small installation costs: No energy supply / infrastructure at the crossing paths

  • Industry 4.0: Exchange of relevant data with the system.

  • Use of a maintenance-free system -> minimized maintenance costs

  • Fast discharge of the capacities onto a harmless voltage level possible