New features for Pxt

9. May 2023

Pxt product family from Michael Koch GmbH: Active Energy Management devices with new features

New features for active energy management for electric drives

With UL approval and capacity monitoring The active energy management devices of the Pxt family from Michael Koch GmbH bring new features: Approval according to UL and CSA standards as well as monitoring of the storage capacity during operation. The parameterizable function of ongoing capacity monitoring of electrolytic and double-layer capacitors brings warning messages when a previously defined minimum capacity value is reached. This is done either via LED display on the device, via a specified digital output or a defined message via one of the device’s communication paths, for example via fieldbus. This ensures over the duration of use that the usable amount of energy of the Pxt devices is always sufficient for the specific application or is maintained at an early stage in the sense of predictive maintenance.

More power, a more stable network, safe machine operation, at the same time longer service life and then even lower energy consumption of the electric drive technology are the core characteristics provided by the active energy management devices of the Pxt family. In addition to its wide range of technical features, the product family is approved in accordance with the North American UL and CSA standards. In combination with the drive system and the machine, these act as a significant simplification for international use, even beyond North America.

Now with UL and capacity monitoring ready for recuperation of braking energy, use as a short-term UPS, for controlled peak load reduction and fieldbus communication: Active energy management devices of the Pxt family from Michael Koch GmbH for electric drives.