German Innovation Award 2013

Date of the award: 2013

Finalist of the German Innovation Award in the category “Medium-Sized Enterprises”

On 22th April 2013, the finalists of the German Innovation Award 2013 were announced. In the category “Medium-Sized Enterprises” we were nominated for our Dynamic Energy Storage DES by the jury as one of the two finalists.

“The German Innovation Award”, an alliance of the companies Accenture, EnBW, Evonik and the magazine WirtschaftsWoche honors pioneering innovations of German companies. The prize is awarded in the categories “Start-Ups”, “Medium-Sized Enterprises” and “Large-Scale-Enterprises” and looks for innovative products, innovative business models, processes and services as well as organizational and marketing innovations – Innovations that are developed in Germany and for Germany.

Contents of the application are the innovative character, the market success and market opportunities of the innovation and its benefit for Germany. Our DES for the electric drive technology has the potential to change markets and businesses. For the first time the DES makes it possible, regardless of the manufacturer, to reuse braking energy completely network-independent and thus opens many applications an easy way to increase its energy efficiency. The DES needs no configuration or maintenance effort at no time. From the beginning, the system adjusts itself autonomous to the application and defines its operating parameters independently. But not only the users of the machines have benefits from this innovation. Through the energy savings the environmental impact will be reduced by several tons of CO2 per year.

All finalists are presented on the homepage of the German Innovation Award. In the print edition of WirtschaftsWoche from 22nd April and on its website, the companies and its entrepreneurs are portrayed. The winners will be named at a gala event with prominent representatives from business and politics in Munich on Friday the 26th April 2013. We look forward to the final in Munich and are already proud of the nomation, to be one of the two finalists in the category “Medium-Sized Enterprises”.

Unfortunately, it was not quite enough for us with the Dynamic Energy Storage DES. But also the nomination to one of the two best innovations 2013 is a great feeling! Thanks to all who have been crossing their fingers for us. We are proud that our Dynamic Energy Storage DES is the vice-innovative product in the category “Medium-Sized Enterprises” of the year 2013.