Electric boats

Electric boats
Safe and fast dissipation of braking energy.

Modern electric boats glide emission-free and almost noiselessly across the water. The drive controller is powered by a battery storage system. This supplies the motor
for the main drive with the necessary energy and is also the energy source for the entire on-board power supply.


The drive controller can‘t be started directly from the battery storage system.


The drive controller should be started with a precharging resistor, so that problem-free operation of the electric boat with the battery storage is made possible.


The PTC800666 resistor with self-protecting PTC thermistor element in aluminum housing with very high operating voltage and IP 20 degree of protection starts the drive controller, which is then supplied with the necessary energy from the battery storage system.

Further Advantages

Enable starting of the drive controller

Without the resistor, the drive controller and therefore the ship‘s engine cannot be started.