Brake resistors for SINAMICS G100D
Siemens Product Partner
SINAMICS G110D - Brake Resistors

Decentral drive technology requires special solutions. The inverters must be adapted to the prevailing environmental conditions and must reliably fulfil their tasks. KOCH offers fitting brake resistors with a high protection class. KOCH is also capable of meeting specific requirements at any time. The solution shown here has a wave hose, which was needed as insect protection for an airport project. KOCH offers many other customer-specific solutions. 


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Technical specifications
Allocation – Braking resistors to G110D
Rated power

Allocation – Braking resistors to G110D

Resistance 80 [Ω] 160 [Ω] 390 [Ω]
Tolerance (resistance) ± 5 [%] (Room temperature)
Maximum permissible operating voltage (Taking into consideration the "intrinsic safety") 700 AC [V] 1.000 DC [V]
Maximum permissible operating voltage (Taking into consideration according to cCSAus and UL) 600 AC [V] 848 DC [V]
Inductance 30 (f = 300 kHz, Umess = 50 mV)

Dimensions and mounting holes (mm)

  • Dimensions
  • Dimensions
  • Stainless steel cover punched on all sides
    Stainless steel cover punched on all sides
  • Dimensions
SINAMICS Produkte nominal voltage framesize

min /max. Power      (HO - LO)

distance above/below KOCH number max. Power kW 5% duty-cycle*** Ohm value nominal power [W]
G110D 400 A 0,75 - 3,0 100 BWD250390HSI 1,50 390 100
G110D 400 B 4,0 100 BWD500160HSI 2,75 160 200
G110D 400 C 5,5 - 7,5  100 BWD600080HSI 4,00 80 240

***at an ambient temperature of 20° C

  • compact
  • protection class up to IP 65*
  • highly impulse secure
  • low inductance
  • "intrinsically safe"** under persistent overloads
    • no fault to frame
    • no short-circuit
    • self-extinguishing

*Test conditions: Water jet from nozzle with an inner diameter of 6.3mm, volume flow 12.5l/min +/- 5%, water pressure in accordance with the volume flow, distance 2.5-3m, test duration 3min

**the intrinsically safety is usually given with 4 time of permanent type power