Active energy management devices and safe brake resistors for Siemens SINAMICS products

As a Siemens product partner for drives options, KOCH offers tailor-made solutions for the Siemens product range – from standard products through to ready-to-connect systems in an installation. The close collaboration, qualification, certification, and intensive transfer of knowledge during every project phase give rise to solutions that fulfil the many different application requirements.

KOCH provides suitable solutions for all energetic situations of an electrical drive system, for which the optimal dimensions are determined together with you. We strive to deliver maintenance-free plug & play systems that can be connected directly on site.

In the following areas, KOCH is the right contact for you, offering expertise and extensive application experience:

1.    Managing regen energy: In the event of excessive energy in the drive, KOCH products secure the functionality of the system or increase its energy efficiency.
2.    Securing the power supply: In the event of too little energy in the drive due to grid disturbances or interruptions, KOCH solutions minimise the downtime and restart costs. During planned grid interruptions, they provide an off-grid energy supply.
3.    Balancing energy: In case of frequent and intense changes in speed and direction, KOCH systems calm the energy balance of the drive and thereby ensure that the drive electronics experience far less strain. This helps avoid unplanned standstills or downtime.
4.    Reducing heat development: Replacing the brake resistors with active energy management systems reduces losses and minimises air-conditioning requirements.
5.    Using energy reserves: The KOCH systems can increase the performance or cycle rate of the drive by utilising energy reserves and by means of a higher starting voltage level for acceleration.
6.    Reducing peak loads: The KOCH systems minimise infrastructure costs and negative circuit feedback by using additional power and energy reserves.

Additionally, KOCH delivers specially developed, tested, and approved safe brake resistors for various Siemens frequency converter series. These can be found from page 7 onwards. KOCH can draft offers for and implement adaptations to specific machine or installation requirements, even at short notice. 

Of course, KOCH also offers sizing support.

Your competent contact for all active energy management devices and safe brake resistors is:

Mr. Jens Knaus

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